Saturday, February 22, 2020

Epic Apocalypse - Book Two
For those of you following this series, you can now get the second ebook free for a limited time (Feb.23-27) so If you've read the first, here's your chance to follow-up with Epic Apocalypse.

Beyond The Apocalypse - Book Three
I'm also posting a preview of Book Three, Beyond the Apocalypse, the final book in this amazing series, so have a peek.

No worries, these are short stories, about 100 pages each, so they're a quick read. I'm still working on the full-length novel of about 295 pages, which of course includes all three books in this series.

I must say that I've had the time of my life writing these three books and without question, I'll be continuing this series indefinitely. Hopefully, I'll get to the 4th book before the end of this year, although I can't say for sure because the Millennium game is due out this September 11 and I just might be quite busy promoting that for a change.

Things will then come full circle with the game and the three books out for the first time after September and that's a handful right there. Not to mention that I'm also working on a Europe Expansion of the game. I'll be posting those details here soon. I've already started designing the box and the game board and so I'll have about 3 card decks to design and a number of other things to go with it.

So, as you can see, I've got my work cut out to finish up before the end of this year. Once the game is finished I'll be able to get things going so the next several years are all about promoting the game and the books together at conventions and game rooms starting here in Jacksonville and Gainsville, Florida.

Thank you to those who've posted reviews on Hopefully, Amazon reviews will follow soon. It's all about finishing the board game now so standby for that.

Enjoy the stories!

Preview Epic Apocalypse