Friday, January 31, 2020

Epic Apocalypse - Book 2
Lovers of apocalyptic fiction, feast your eyes on Book 2 from The Edge of Time Series, Epic Apocalypse.

As usual, I had a blast laying down these words and banged out this second installment of the series in no time.

In full disclosure, I wrote the three books in about a month (about 300 pages).

Most of the time after that, several weeks, I spent editing and proofreading, tweaking the covers, etc.

All that work for me was minimal because I keep 95% of what I write and how I write it. It so happens that this series for me is easy to put down as is since it just flows effortlessly. Although, most of my writing goes that way, these days.

Including this blog. I rarely change a word of it and bang it out in about 20 minutes. I hope that doesn't show too much, but I am extremely busy otherwise and I have very little time for anything else. In a way, writing on this blog and others I tinker with, for the past 10 years has been a good discipline for me. And, truth be told, Grammerly helps a bit. Not that I'm promoting it but it is quite helpful, especially if you're in a hurry.

Good Lord, Ernest Hemingway had it made in the shade back when he was writing his first novel, The Sun Also Rises in Paris and Spain. Yes, it's no secret that EH is one of my favorite authors and I'm in no way comparing myself to a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, but Hemingway had the luxury of banging out raw chapters early in the morning before he started his day of fishing and debauchery.

He'd then wire that text to his long-time editor and friend, Maxwell Perkins, circa 1925 and his writing chores were done for the day, usually before daylight. Perkins took care of everything else.

Most of us don't have that lifestyle these days even if we're published by one of the big agencies because we're still expected or required to help promote our books. And if we're self-published, we are most certainly in deep publishing shit.

"Life is full of Boo-Hoo Moments, So take it in, Tamp it down, And Suck it Up, Buttercup!"

I relish the day when I can bang out raw pages and send those bitches off to my editor and go fishing for the rest of my 20 hour day of leisure. What a racket that would be. I might just be the next Hemingway if that were indeed the case. Or maybe a better version of myself.

No, I did not just slight Hemingway. His head and brain were twice the sizes of mine so I know my place in the world. I'm a mutt of a writer by comparison but obsessed with all things related to Ernest Hemingway and his way of life. A man's man and a man's writer for sure (no disrespect, ladies). Toni Morrison was an outright genius and another of my favorite writers. And in many ways, I think women are by and large better writers than men. (Right, I'm not sexist at all.)

Edge of the Apocalypse - Book 1
But enough of that. I'm just rifting along while I have a bit of time.

I also want to mention that starting February 1, the first book of the series, Edge of the Apocalypse is available for free until the 5th. If you haven't had the chance to check it out, now is a good time because I made several important edits to expand (improve) the opening a bit. I'll include the link here when it's available for free download on Amazon.

I must say, that's one advantage we have these days, especially as self-published authors. We have total control of our content and I love that aspect of it the most. We can update our digital content at will and that's a Godsend.

Listen nobody cares how much we sweat. All the blood, sweat and tears mean nothing to the end-user. They just want to read a damn good story. That's it. Suffer all you want, and suffer you will just don't let it show.

In other words:

Life is full of Boo-Hoo Moments,
So take it in,
Tamp it down,
And Suck it Up, Buttercup!

Yes, there's a t-shirt in there somewhere. 
First one to feature on Merch, takes all!

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