Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Hey folks, just a quick mention that the first e-book in the Edge of Time Trilogy series is currently available for free this week!

Free stuff is usually dismissed as junk nobody wants but that all depends if you're reaching the right audience.

Fans of apocalyptic fiction know a good story when they see one and so I'm hoping you'll give this short story a read. You just might get hooked and enjoy the whole series when the other two books are available in January.

I've been hooked myself writing for these characters and the extraordinary events they're facing when terrorists from the Worldwide Alliance Resistance attack Austin, the first city pounced by nuclear warheads. For two best girlfriends, Andrea and Maria, that means they go into survival mode and run for their lives on an unforgettable journey to New York City in the midst of nuclear war.

The cast of strange characters, the obstacles, and conflict they face along the way will certainly change their lives forever.

These short stories are designed for today's short attention spans so each book is about 100 pages in length, which means that eventually I'll be offering the series as one book, a full novel, maybe a collector's hardcover edition.

But for now, I hope you enjoy this series, as much as I've enjoyed writing and designing it.

Here's a Preview of Book One: