Sunday, November 4, 2018

The title is one of my favorite Philip Roth quotes and it's quite appropo in my case with Broken Heart.

Here's the latest version of the GWBH cover. The most important part is the sales copy, I mean the blurb on the back cover, as it's known. As it stands now, it is a mixture of fact and fiction in all its incarnations, and as far as I can tell, it still works.

I've added an element, a short mention about clues to a riddle and an image to go with it, which is central to the main plot. Namely, anagram clues that tell which state is the next to get bombed. Nice touch, I think, but who knows?


You can barely make out the first clue: It's Big, followed by the anagram, AUNT IS AT SEX with a strip-tease image. Kind of funny if you think about it. The answer is a bit obvious, Austin Texas, the opening setting for the story. The anagrams get progressively more difficult to solve and that's part of the challenge for the characters in the book, as well as for the readers.
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It's becoming obvious to this blogger that Girl With A Broken Heart is decidedly a full-length stand-alone novel. But for the purposes of the Millennium board game, I've kept the short story to about 110 pages.

The beauty of this book is that it serves as an in-depth promo for the board game, if you will, and vice versa. For those who first purchase the game and then learn about the book, they have an option to download a free PDF copy online. Otherwise, the paperback (available on Amazon) comes as a collectible edition with a prologue and photos that the online version does not include.

There has to be a clear distinction between the two, otherwise what would be the point, except that one is digital and the other is a physical paperback copy. Maybe that's enough, so we'll see if I decide to make them identical and leave it at that.

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I'm leaving no stone unturned but in reality 95% of all the work is already finished and I still have about a year before the official launch date of 9/11/2019.

I love that because it gives me plenty of time to ruminate and experiment with it to see how I can make it even better. Although, I'd be happy to publish both the game and the book in January. It all depends how I feel about it at the time. But I'd like to stick to the official publication date because it has more meaning as it ties in with the 9/11/2001 events.

Sometimes momentum and trends are everything and they're important to incentivize and motivate sales at all levels. I still have another ace in the hole as far as marketing goes. I'll talk about that in my next post.

Meanwhile, I do have six more games and two other books that I'd like to finish so I'll get to it.
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