Thursday, September 6, 2018

Here's the latest version of the new Millennium game box. What I like about this one is that it feels more like the Apocalypse than the blue box. Keep in mind that this game focuses on post-apocalyptic events, although it has a combination of events without reaching far into a Dystopian future. Not yet, anyway. That idea is for expansions of the game in the near future.

New Millennium Game Box 2019
This new design keeps Andrea (the Android protagonist) and her trusty bull terrier, Apollo, on the cover with the city burning in the background. The blue box features the New York City downtown area with the Freedom Tower, as do some of the cards.

About The Background Art

At this point I still have to work that part of the city back into the story and into the artwork, but for now I'm using a generic cityscape on the cover.

Back of the box
Here's a better view of the back of the box. You can see some of the game components and the new game board with some of the poker cards alongside a phone with a video link to the past playing.

See The Rulebook On Your Phone

You can see the Rulebook, a video link (top links) and the newest video teaser on the right column. There's so much more to come. Soon I'll be posting a gameplay video after I order the newest prototype, which will be very similar or identical to this one I'm posting here.

This new game will most likely be available for purchase this coming Christmas, however, the official launch date is for the middle of 2019, give or take a month or so. I'll do my best to keep you updated on Twitter and on this blog.

Dig around this blog for much more about the history of this game and its evolution since 2016 when I first came up with this idea, which reaches far beyond the apocalypse with time-travel events and so much more.

So far I have one video link, but plan to add many more. You can also get the entire Rulebook on your phone and Andrea's personal Journal too. Andrea's journal opens up a whole new dimension to this game with plenty of background information about her life before the first bomb detonated over Killeen, Texas. (Sorry, Killeen. Somebody had to do it.)

Wyatt Earp Card Deck

I'm also adding several more really fun card decks aside from the Coney Island Deck and the Wyatt Earp Tombstone Poker Deck. There's so much going on I can hardly keep up, but I've got plenty of time to finish the game before the end of this year. Right now, it's about 90% done and I'm getting closer every day to that finish line (for now) until the first expansion in 2020.

Lot's to do guys. I'll get to it and hope to see you here again soon.

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Game on!

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