Sunday, September 30, 2018

Upcoming Novella for Millennium Board Game
Here's a quick post about a short narrative that takes place early in the game. For those of you who enjoy dramatic and fun stories, The Girl With Heart will give you something to think about.

This story came about from Andrea's journal and chronicles the first events of the apocalypse as it happened in Austin, Texas, where Andrea is visiting her girlfriend, Maria.

New Game Components
Andrea's journal, included in the board game, is a bit different than this story and I'm still debating whether to keep them both or just offer the free ebook to go with the game.

That's actually a good option to keep my costs down but I haven't decided which way to go yet.

The short story in the book is about 50 pages so far, but I hope to get it to about 100 pages with photos.

The journal story, Heartbeat, works fine as is, however, I'll soon have to decide how to best present it. You can read that version online via the links (upper right) under Millennium Extras.

As of now, I've combined both stories in the ebook, but plan to choose one version or the other to include with the board game.

Most likely, I'll present the more detailed story from the ebook (and paperback) as the final version because it's a much better fit.

I'll post an excerpt of The Girl With Heart in my upcoming article when I make an update to the Millennium game.

Until then, may the gaming gods be with you!

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