Friday, September 7, 2018

New 2019 Millennium Game Box - The Time-Travel Edition

New 2019 Millennium Game Box - The Time-Travel Edition

millennium time travel box
Millennium Time-Travel Edition - 1930's Street Scene
Here's the latest update for Millennium. This is an idea I've been considering for some time now and I've finally put it together and I think it will be the main image for the debut box.

Time-travel has always been a big part of the Millennium game and so I'm featuring that theme for the main box because it tells an interesting story right away that is not as apparent as other themes, such as survival, or the conspiracy that lead to nuclear war in America.

1970's Disco Scene
I think it's best to lead with a fun theme like time-travel because it is an unexpected theme for a game about the apocalypse but at the same time, it's an organic theme that ties in nicely.

After all, who would not be tempted to escape the apocalypse?

Time-Travel Card Deck

The deck of cards covering time-travel includes, the 1860's era, the 1920's, 1930's, 1950's, 1970's and other interesting time periods. So far, time-travel is an option in the game, an excursion or an adventure in time, where you accumulate more points. However, traveling back in time will set you back in the game timeline, which can cause you to lose the game.

Disco Music Scene
There will be mechanisms in place to make up for time-travel excursions, but you'll need a bit of luck to find them. Otherwise, you can stay in the midst of the Apocalypse and try to survive and rescue as many injured victims as possible.

Either way, the game provides plenty of options and ways to get more points and advance towards your chosen goal.

There are so many different ways to play and win this game and that's the appeal for me because there are not many hardcore rules and just about anything goes, especially if you play solo.

Winning the game as a team can also be a lot of fun as long as your team members agree to work closely together, but even then, teams can break up and players can go rogue if they want.

That's the beauty of this game and why every game is different and each player experience is never the same.

While your main objective is to find and rescue survivors, there are many dangers and distractions along the way that can take you off course and into strange places.

Lots to get to, people.

For more about the game, download the Rulebook (another work in progress) from the link up top.

Game on!

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