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A Candid Look at The Millennium After End of Days

A Candid Look at The Millennium After End of Days

A Cooperative Game - A Post Apocalyptic / Time-Travel Story
Fast-forward to the year 2157.

It was the flashpoint to World War III.

Right, a historical marker and here I am still rocking my, "I'm Up Here" T-shirt.

As a journalist, being biased is never tolerated, but some things never change. Hell, even in a sports bra I still managed to earn the nickname, "Bam, Bam." Not funny at all, mind you, but I had no choice but to play along.

Let's face it, boys will be boys and so guys will always be pigs. It's in their DNA my dad says. Even he admits to some really crude behavior as a teenager.

"Don't repeat it," I tell him. "I'd like to think you're still a respectable dad."
"I have my moments," he says, awkwardly staring into my eyes.


How has it come to this? I mean, not that men are still pigs, well that too, but this End of Days scenario. Whose bright idea was that?

The dawn of the new Millennium will always be remembered as a prelude because the worst was yet to come. Suddenly, the end was not only near, it was finally here, degenerates and all.


In the fall of the year 2157, a new level of fear, panic, and lawlessness, unlike any event before it, had taken hold throughout the nation. Now in survival mode, America holds its breath, praying that no more nukes fall upon us.

I'm still up here, guys!

The Earth waits as if the entire planet could vanish in an instant. It feels as if time is standing still and a sea of humanity, mostly pervs, escapes in slow motion; running, gasping for air, burning. Good riddance to them because there are always the defiant ones. The lucky ones, like me, who manage to survive against all odds. Against all the wicked devices of men.

I don't mean to sound biased or make myself out to be a prom queen, but I've had my fair share of run-ins with a few select male swine. Downright creepy.

Almost as bad as the Apocalypse but I am a survivor in more ways than one. And while nobody said nuclear war would be easy. There is a way out--an adventurous time-warp to the past.

Hey, I've seen the future and it really never lived up to all the hype. Too little too late for me. I'll take my chances looking back at the 1800's and beyond.

View of Mars from Exploration Mission I


Andrea sure had plenty to think about.

Right now, Andrea's first mission was to learn how to survive so she can help others along the way as she reached one of four Safe Havens before another bomb struck.

As a descendant of that previous era, circa the year 2000, Andrea found herself in the midst of another conundrum. Even as the first space explorers landed on Mars, planet Earth had already endured multiple nuclear blasts, decimating the United States with a ground zero detonation in Killeen, Texas; a small military town near Ft. Hood where no one survived.

Now on full-blown alert, another bomb shatters New York City as America reels from the effects of radiation. It is a time of great upheaval. Surprisingly, from Andrea's point of view, the future of Earth still seems promising, or maybe not. But that's what time-warps are for, Andrea thought.

This is a candid tale from the mind of Andrea; her manic dream. Follow her to see how her story unfolds from the pages of her personal journal and throughout the game.

Updated Game Board

SAFE HAVENS - Give Earth and Century XXII a Chance

There are four safe havens where you can seek shelter from radiation fallout. Each player must choose where to go for safety. There is also a rendezvous point in Washington, D.C., The Red Cross Headquarters where you and other players start your journey.

Join Andrea in her improbable trek across America and beyond. A nation scarred by violence but yet again wrought with uncommon beauty. A new nation rising from the ashes with a bright future and perhaps an adventure into a nostalgic past.

What are you searching for? And where will your journey take you?

Find out with the all-new Millennium Board game. A Post-Apocalyptic Time-Travel game, filled with glory and yes, plenty of candid moments.

Hang on for the ride!

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