Wednesday, May 24, 2017

By hook or by crook, as they say. Here's an update on Millennium. After a lot of consideration I revamped the entire game based on the good feedback from the Art Test conducted several months ago, which scored 70+, which I consider a bit low.

Understandably, the score was accurate because it was after all just a test for the preliminary artwork. So after the test I really took to heart all the good as well as the not so good criticism and revised every card in the deck.

Not to mention, I totally redesigned the box, which is the one you see above. I came across this artwork and couldn't resist using it as is and I think it totally works better than the first box.

As everything stands now, I hope to finish all the new artwork no later than the middle of June, but hopefully sooner so I can order my first prototype. I can hardly wait for that because I really don't know what to expect. Before I order the prototype I plan to run another Art Test and a Sanity Test, which I'm confident both will do much better than the first.

Stick To Your Goals!

My next goal following these two tests will be to fine tune the game in its entirety. Hopefully I won't be too far off but you never know. After revising the second prototype I can finally publish Millennium on The Game Crafter website and plan to send at least 3 boxes to reviewers, including, Father Geek, Boardgame Geek, and maybe Unboxed-The Board Game Blog.

These reviewers are all tentative and can change at any given time, but I'm shooting for these three first. If anyone has better suggestions, by all means please let me know and I will gladly post and link your game or website here.

As all game designers know, nothing is ever set in stone. The most important thing is the concept of your game and that its game play is interesting and yes, exciting. Right after the Art Test I rolled up my sleeves and really ramped up the overall design of this game.

Sometimes you get stuck along the way with one thing or another and try to find the best possible solution so you can continue moving forward. Other times, you just get bogged down with other design work and can't get back to your own game. A little of both happened this time and I was away from Millennium for almost 3 months. To the point I thought I'd almost given up on it.

Never Give Up!

I know that sounds insane but I think everyone second guesses themselves sooner or later. The thing is that as got back to the game, I was more excited about it than before because I had several small breakthroughs that unlocked certain obstacles for me and I think I'm over the hump at this point so it should be smoother sailing from now on.

I can finally see the finish line for the first time and that's a great feeling. You just never know how these things will turn out but you must have some level of commitment to begin with. Some level of belief that will carry you through to the end. Otherwise in all honesty you might never get started.

Posting the progress of the game is very helpful because it breeds inspiration and even deeper desire and commitment. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, folks. Let's face it, if everyone could do this, everyone would be doing this. It takes quite a bit of focus and determination to get through it. I'm claiming this game will be out in December and I intend that will be the case, but who knows if I'll be dead in the morning.

Believe In Your Dream!

Or if something else comes up among my other dozens of projects that demands all my attention for much longer than I expected. There's always a reason to quit something but if you really believe it can make a difference and of course make a buck or two, then those are two very good driving factors to keep you on track and moving towards your goal.

It's very exciting to me even if I sell one game. However, I realize unless something goes viral, you may not sell one box because sales are all about jumping on the band wagon. If many people are enjoying something, that tends to inspire others to join in on all the fun and be a part of the conversation.

Sometimes we just can't stand missing out on a good thing. Getting your game or any product to that point is not as easy as it sounds unless you hit the right chord at the right time. We'll see how it all pans out soon enough.

I can hardly wait!

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